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words from our dedicated client base:

Owner @ Highwind Horticulture

“Clare at Clash Copy was a dream to deal with. She was professional, encouraging, and patient. When we finally saw what she had created, we were gobsmacked and deeply grateful. We will be using Clash Copy often!”


“What I wanted was crisp, clear language without all the common buzzwords. Clare’s copy was spot on.”



Who Are We

Too many companies invest in advertising initiatives that aren’t strategic and produce nil. Moreover, most marketing agencies lack the industry knowledge required to compose authentic work.

We are a team of creative and diverse thinkers with experience in the IT industry. That’s why the quality of our content is so high: we understand your profession.

How will we tell your story


Marketing Strategy

There are many okay advertising agencies out there. However, the key to being great is to start with the right message. When you tell an authentic story, it’s easy to focus your branding efforts and company culture around it.

With Clash Copy, you’ll receive marketing that is loyal to your brand’s voice. And, because every business has unique requirements, we offer customized bundles and pricing that suit your distinct needs.


Copywriting Services

Creating consistent and relevant content takes time and effort, and only a quality team can deliver quality work. We will ensure that you close more business with content that retains an authoritative presence in the IT industry.

Whether you have a robust sales department or a one-person superstar – we augment teams of any size. We will provide SEO strategy, readability reports, social media posts and scheduling services, or simply, copywriting.


Website Solutions

Website design, hosting, development, and maintenance are overwhelming tasks that drain a budget. We partner with a local company that creates and maintains customized websites.

You won’t have to sacrifice the features you want, worry about updates and back-end maintenance, or wait weeks for your requests to be implemented. Without lifting a finger, you’ll have the website you want, exactly how you want it, without breaking the bank.


Marketing Software Integrations

If your sales team is using spreadsheets to manage leads, or there’s a disconnect between your email marketing software and CRM, let’s talk. Using multiple software applications to manage campaigns and client data reduces productivity and increases frustration.

It’s time to enhance your teams productivity and streamline your sales process and advertising efforts. We will help you create integrations and automations, as well as offer budget-friendly pricing for all-in-one platforms.


An authentic story is Money

A well-crafted narrative tells your audience why your solution is the best way to solve their problem.  

Excellent Copywriting tells a cohesive brand story across every platform, inside and outside of your organization. It provides an intimate space that is familiar and comfortable, and creates loyal fans who can’t wait for the next chapter.

A highlight of my story: every day, I enjoy helping busy executives feel great about their marketing investments. 

Clare is a


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